Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I love how the Germans say the word "berg." Much more elegant than how the English say it. When you hear a them say "Heidelberg," the name sounds just like you would think the city looks like. With Heidelberg Castle overlooking a quaint old town, and it's iconic old stone bridge over the Neckar River, it's easy to see why this is a popular tourist destination. 

Over a month ago, we headed out on a day trip to check it out. Oh yeah, sorry for the delay- made a trip back to the states this month so things got put off posting-wise.

We walked around the castle grounds, but got there too late in the day to take the tour through. Ok, we got there with enough time, but not enough to get our 5 Euro worth, at least I thought. So we will return. We got primo parking near the castle for free (pretty unusual here)  and learned the secret to budget vacationing- buying your meal at the local grocery store and having a picnic lunch. 

It worked great for our little trip- we had some good Germany bread, ham, European cheese and chocolate, and some local wine. This was our view; not too shabby. Too bad it started to rain. 

So we decided to sit under the Alte Brucke (old bride) that Heidelberg is known for. Apparently some other people had the same idea. Pictured is the view of the second part of our romantic picnic. Next to us was some heavy metal teenagers and a couple making out. Craig said we should have started making out too and made it a contest. Eh, they were doing pretty good without competition.

Rest of the photos (only one awkward picnic lunch photo included).