Thursday, December 1, 2011


I got a lovely birthday card from my Aunt Jean with a note, and she said she comes here every once in awhile to see what I'm up to. I feel like I've let her down since it's been for-EVER since I've posted. I must admit, the more bored I am, the more likely I am to blog.

Since I'm a working gal now (haha, so busy with my menial 24 hours a week job) I feel like it's hard to stay afloat with all the daily stuff I have to do. I honestly feel it's on my genetics to be slow and inefficient with my time. Oh, and being late, like all.the.time. Oh, and it's 3:15 AM and I'm putzing around on here and Pintrest, yeah another genetic thing.

I promise to get caught up. There's lots of things to share with you!

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