Friday, August 19, 2011

Too Much!

I somehow stumbled upon a new job. Well I guess it shouldn't come to a surprise, I mean I did attend a job fair and all. But I walked away with a job, which was surprising. Normally you get the, "oh let me look at your application," "stop in for an interview," thing. So now I'm cashier extraordinaire at the video store on base. Two days in and I already know I work with a bunch of characters. 

Here's a little preview of what I'm working on. This won't become a DYI blog; too much pressure to have to create things to put up here. Well, not like I was pressured to post things on a regular basis anyway... 

This past week, I started the last section of German class. Just one month, and I will be at a 300 level. 

Today, I attended Red Cross volunteer orientation. 

My husband's unit FRG is starting back up again after being inactive. I was "volun-told" for the Welcome Committee Chairperson. Ok, I lied, I volunteered myself. Seems cooler to make it think like it wasn't my idea.

I finally broke down and bought that fancy-pants camera I've been coveting for almost a year now. Sure enough, the day after I buy it, we get a lovely letter from the state IRS, and then a week later the car's exhaust system goes tits up. Ya know, two weeks before the registration is due and needs to pass inspection.

I obviously love cranking the aperture down. I couldn't get anything good doing that with my point and shoot, so now I'm going hog-wild with fuzzy backgrounds.

Peppers, other than my strawberries, are the only thing in my garden that look like they're not going to die any second. My tomatoes were doing good, but then got a disease. I looked it up- the same thing that caused the Irish potato famine. Huh. Also, it's caused by cool and damp weather. For all of you that don't know, we finally got summer like two days ago.

I re-read this post and it has two themes:
-kinda down in the dumps
-complete randomness

I'd try to be witty at the point, but man I'm tired. Catch ya'lls later. (Did I mention I work with two women with the cutest Southern accents? It's contagious!)

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  1. woot! exciting :)
    I need a job.