Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is an American invented sport (it's been said that it was first played at Pendleton King Park in Augusta, GA, a course we have played on.... not quite as impressive as saying you've played at St. Andrews, but still neat nevertheless), so we are pretty excited that there are a few courses in the area. Well, kinda- the two closest courses are an hour away, but we don't mind the drive. 

We went to Mainer Volkspark, and it was quite apparent that disc golf isn't as well known in Germany. Take this photo for example:

Maybe it's the German attitude, or maybe they had no clue what that weird basket thing is, but there they are, sunbathing right on the fairway. In fact, out of the six pins at Mainzer Volkspark, three had people lounging RIGHT next to the pin. I thought it was hilarious, Craig found it annoying.

Disc golf aside, Mainzer Volkspark was a neat place to spend a summer afternoon. Across from a Beirgaten (of course!) and small restaurant was a play area with tons of fountains for kids to play in. The playground equipment had a neat zipline.

So with Craig in a huff (I even offered him bier, he said no), we headed out to another disc golf course about 15 minutes away in Russelsheim. Here, I learned a valuable lesson- always print off the course map offered on the website before going to a disc golf course. After wracking our brains for a bit, we found the course order (for the most part). 

The park in Russelsheim was nice and not as crowded as the one in Mainz, and the disc golf area was set apart from the main area. There were 21 pins (such an odd number from the usual 18), with a couple set back in the woods and several fun obstacles to shoot around. Several of the tees were paved, and several were a piece of wood set in the ground with hole information. Since we are in no way serious players, it was just right for us. 

There are a couple courses in Switzerland we'd like to check out, and I'm excited to see what those have to offer! 

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