Friday, May 20, 2011

Doing the Milspouse Friday Fill-in this week!

1. What is one of the things you always do special when your husband returns from a deployment?  submitted by Keep Calm and Soldier On
Luckily, never had to deal with this, but if he's gone for whatever, I make sure the house is clean so I'm not cleaning and doing dishes when he gets home. 

2. What do you do to help your spouse and/or yourself re-adjust after a deployment or long separation?  submitted by Diapers, Dogs and Deployments
It's funny how easy it is just to pick up where you left off.  

3. Are you a crazy coupon clipper (I’m becoming one, so share your secrets with me)?  submitted by Married My Airman
I ain't the crazy coupon lady, but I do use them. It's hard because I typically do by fresh ingredients, but I almost always use coupons for toiletries. I did get crazy once and bought $40 worth of toiletries (including razors) for like $15, but I can never figure out how people get all that stuff for free like on that TV show about the crazy couponers.    

4. What’s your most treasured memory of you and your spouse (not counting your wedding – that’s a given)? submitted by Scrubs, ACUs and One Crazy Ride
We did a road trip from Wisconsin to Key West, Florida. That's just how cheap we are (well, that's when gas was much cheaper). Putting together a tent in the dark after driving for 14 hours that day and then sleeping on a partly inflated air mattress is one of those tests of a strong relationship. At the time it didn't seem fun, but looking back on it, it was quite the adventure. 

5. If you could live anywhere overseas, what would you pick and why? submitted by Little Moments Like This 
Germany was our #1 pick for duty station, and we got it, so we're more than happy. Anywhere in Europe is great because we're history nerds. Craig loves Japan, and we do have the opportunity to live there next. Asia has always been mysterious to me, so I think it would be interesting to learn about the culture. 


  1. That road trip sounds fun, but also something better looking back at than at the time. Germany sounds like an amazing place to be.

    I found you through the Milspouse Fill-In link up and I'm really looking forward to reading more of your posts (especially being a farm girl myself).

    xoxo Stacie

  2. Wow - Wisconsin to Key West! Now that's a road trip! Germany looks beautiful. Like you I love history so Europe is at the top of my list! Fingers crossed one day! :-)

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Friday Fill-In! My hubby and I are about to PCS to Germany in a few weeks! It was our number 1 pick for duty station as well. I love reading the blogs of other MilSpouses living in Germany. Makes me excited to hurry up and get there already! Stop by my blog sometime :)

    Casey @ We Took The Road Less Traveled

  4. I'm a big history nerd too, and I practically start drooling when I think about living overseas, lol! Our #1 choice is England, but I wouldn't say no to anywhere in Europe either :)

    Sammie @ http://militaryadventure.blogspot.com/

  5. As I told my husband after our own camping adventure/disaster (which involved trying to pitch the tent in the pouring rain), if I still loved him after all that, I would love him forever. ;-)