Thursday, February 10, 2011

Class is looking better

I'm four days into German Class 3. The first day, the teacher laid down the law- no leaving to smoke, come back from the break on time, try to make it on time. So far it seems to be working. Some of the classmates I had in the last class that would leave a lot or had poor attendance have not come at all this week, so maybe they decided to take the class when they can put more effort into it.

We also have some new students in the class, and I'm happy to say they seem serious about learning the language. I noticed that there are two new girls who sit next to each other who don't know each other's languages (Polish and then English and Spanish), so they really make the effort to talk and work together in German. Having people who know more than me is encouraging, it's almost like a challenge to be as good as them and not be "the dumb kid."

I really would like to get out there and do some of the suggestions from the comments in my last post- and thank you by the way for your encouragement! It's just some days, after struggling with the language for four hours a day and then homework, all I want to do is sit at home with my husband and my cat and not have to concentrate on anything! I only have myself to blame for not taking advantages of opportunities to practice, but it will come.

In other news, Craig has a class this week on a regular schedule, so we have an entire weekend together. Of course instead of suggesting a romantic weekend away, I told him he should change the oil on my car on Saturday and invite a friend over who he hasn't seen in awhile. I'm just always so darn practical!


  1. That sounds wonderful! Hope you'll have great success in your new class. And of course a wonderful weekend, too! Katja

  2. I am glad to hear that the class is going better for you! I know the feeling about skipping the rare chance to spend a lovey dovey weekend together for routine plans ( ours usually include me chit chatting with my mom and him playing with the racecar in the backyard with my dad, lol.) Enjoy!

  3. Hi - was just thinking of you and about your German studies :-)). You can watch German TV in the internet: try out www.zdf.de and go to ZDFmediathek (that's one of the two main independent tv stations) and try out www.sat1.de. This is a privat station that i.e. shows american series translated into German... Hope that helps and you'll have some fun learing. Katja