Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catching Up

Yes yes, slacking on the blog, I know. German class is back in full swing again. I don't speak much, but I do well on the written part. On Tuesday, our teacher handed back our tests, and commented that everyone did horrible on one section that was worth a lot of points. If I remember correctly, she said "my God!" Anyway, I pretty much aced the exam, and had no trouble with the section she was disappointed with. Can't say a darn thing without the class laughing at me- maybe I should just write everything down! It's frustrating. I'm starting to think I need to drink a few beers and head to a German bar to get the language flowing :-)

There's one girl in our class from Romania that speaks very good German and English, but because of her accent and the fact she speaks quietly, I'm always saying, "what?" "repeat that." Needless to say she's given up speaking German to me, and has resorted to English. I'm not in the cool club anymore I guess.

Oh about the class laughing at me- I told the class that my classmate (from China) met my husband in Shanghai in 2009, instead of HER husband. 

Oh another note, I just started selling Pampered Chef, so I've been also keeping very busy with that getting my business set up and getting trained. A lot of the same principals apply to this as did my job I had in feed sales, so it's nice to be somewhat familiar with the process. I'm excited to get out and meet more people and see where the business takes me. I have to brush up on my demonstration skills, though. Certainly brings back memories of doing demonstration speeches on my high school Forensics team. 

Lastly, a couple weekends ago, Craig and a lovely army wife I met online, and I went to Luxembourg. Pictures as always! We met a very informative tour guide at the American cemetery that told us about the beginnings of the cemetery and how the soldiers were brought there. I can't imagine being one of those people who had to do this. Prior to the marble headstones (which are from Italy), there were wooden crosses with their dogtags draped over them for identification. 

I enjoyed going to the German cemetery just as much as the American one. It struck me as completely German- from the stone used, to the more natural elements, to the fonts used on the monuments. I'd like to head back to Luxembourg City in the summer to get a different perspective. 

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  1. I totally hear you on the German. At my old school,the last time I read out loud in German, my teacher threw her arms up in the air and declared me a catastrophe. I've since changed schools. I definitely find a couple of drinks makes it easier to speak German since I'm less self conscious and am convinced that my German has magically gotten better over a couple of drinks - unfortunately I don't think this strategy would work well for German school though.

    Luxembourg looks beautiful, loved your photos!