Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fill-In

It's funny that I never make the time to update my blog, but I always make the time to do the Friday Milspouse Fill-ins.

1. What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Traveling around Europe and this side of the world. We've finally gotten out of moving-in mode, now it's traveling mode.

2. What is something random you do on a boring night when your significant other is away?

Watch movies he hates like "The Notebook" and shows like "19 Kids and Counting," well actually anything on TLC.

3. What has been your greatest adventure as a MilSpouse?

Getting married two days after getting engaged, leaving New Zealand to be with my husband in Georgia, and moving to Germany.

4. What is the ugliest fashion trend you ever bought into (I’d like to make fun of you, so can you please provide a picture as well)?

My mom has these pictures tucked away, just waiting for the right time to show them, haha. Remember stirrup pants? I used to wear them with big Converse hightops, and then large sweaters. My mom made those iron-transfer shirts, and I remember always wearing this over-sized orange sweatshirt with a pumpkin and black cat on it, with the outline in glitter pant. I remember there always being a debate about whether your socks should go on the outside or inside of the stirrups.

5. What was the high point of last month?

In December, my husband and I went to Nuremberg. I guess just experiencing Christmas as a whole in an entirely different place was the high point.

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  1. OMG I so remember the stirrup pants! LOL, with my big puffy socks and hi-top Reeboks with the velcro strap across the ankle. The 80s look needs to stay... in the 80s.

    I love Nuremberg, one of my favorite places to go for date night, they have a cinema that has OV [original version] movies, and right near by is a Irish Pub so you get a night of English speaking friends and a big movie theater all surrounded by a gorgeous city backdrop.

    The vision of a big orange sweatshirts going to be hard to get rid of ;)