Monday, May 24, 2010

Time's a tickin....

In 25 hours, we'll be heading to Wisconsin for the big wedding reception! I think I have all my ducks in a row.

No orders yet. Maybe tomorrow!?

And also guess what? I get to see the bossies this week, and smell fresh cut hay, and get dirty and smelly. And I get to see Dudley the dog, and my little brother Ben, and my pregnant sister. (and the rest...) I plan on taking pictures, so I can jam photos of my home down people's throats that don't care, muhaha.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Orders Update

Most of Craig's class has orders. Most of them are finished out-processing the 19th, and will be leaving Ft. Gordon forever on that date. Craig does not have orders because of some paperwork mix-up. He can't do much of his out processing until he has orders. We wanted to leave on the 19th. Chances of leaving on the 19th? Probably 10%.

Not such a big deal for most people, but it looks like I'll have to cancel my bachelorette party on the 22nd, and Craig will have to get rid of his Twins tickets. Also, before the 29th, I (I would say we, but I might just have to fly to WI early to get all this done) have to meet with the organist to pick ceremony music, make the programs, make place tags, have a consult with the hair stylist, meet with Pastor, and probably 10 other things I can't think of right now.

If his report date is still what it was originally, Craig also won't have time to visit his uncle in Minnesota who is very sick and won't be able to travel to the wedding. I'm sure everything will work out in the end, I just would have liked the full two weeks of visiting and planning before our wedding ceremony.

I got my dress yesterday. When I went to try it on, it only zipped up halfway. I made the comment that it fits just like the store sample, which was a size 10. Come to find out, the lady ordered a size 10, even though we agreed and even wrote on my receipt size 12. Looks like major alterations. I still haven't seen the dress zipped... it's going to be pretty low. I'm not wearing a veil and putting my hair up. I apologize in advance for any backfat that may occur. Now you know the story.

Southern Lovin'

Can I just say that I love collard greens and grits? How come I wasn't eating these things the entire time I've been here?

I'm also very excited that the weather has been pretty much like mid July in Wisconsin around here, which is good because we'll be moving just in time for the extreme heat. With my travels in the past year, I've had quite the weather patterns. Let me elaborate, using the Wisconsin temperature gauge as a season meter (ya following?)

May 09-July 09- Late spring
July09-Oct 09- Winter (That pesky southern hemisphere really throws ya for a loop)
Oct 09-Nov 09- Summer (move to GA)
Nov 09- April 10- Longest fall ever
April 10-May 10- Summer. Just in time to realize that I left a load of summer laundry back at my parent's house. Pretty sure my sisters have claimed my tank tops. Actually, I know this for a fact, with facebook pictures to prove it.
May 10--- More summer! I knew it'd come full circle.

I feel pretty lame this post is 80% about weather. Sorry for the idle chit chat, but I'm starting to think the only time I want to blog is when I have something to complain about, so just trying to keep it positive.