Thursday, December 16, 2010

Organized "The Fridge"

In a previous post, I mentioned our home came with a built in refrigerator (der kuhlshrank, your German word of the day!), which is pretty typical of German kitchens. The Furniture Management Office (FMO) gave us an American size refrigerator to use. Moreso we need it for the freezer portion. So unless we shell out Euro for a stand-alone freezer, we'll gladly accept the borrowed fridge/freezer combo. But what to do about that built-in sucker?

I figured it out!

I now have a climate controlled baking center. In the door, I have all the baking supplies. The top shelf is spice mixes, which didn't fit in the spice cupboard. Yes, I have a crazy number of spices. Mom, if you're reading this, I know you're not surprised.

On the right is breakfast items and other quick staples for making lunches and snacks. Once I get my Ikea shelf up, I'll have decent storage for the flour and sugar. A work in progress!

I baked up a storm this afternoon and it was so nice to have everything right there. Usually, I'd keep all the spices for baking and cooking together, the vanilla next to the oil and vinegar, etc. This is so much simpler.

I'm so beside myself with my ingenious plan. I made Craig stop what he was doing and come look... he was less impressed. And yes, I just blogged about organizing my kitchen. Perhaps I licked the spoon a few too many times this afternoon...


  1. i clean/organize my fridge/freezer & cabinets every time I go grocery shopping so 1-2x a month. Its very therapeutic.

  2. That is AWESOME. Not the itty bitty fridge size, but what you did with it. :p

  3. Oh you have a freezer, I'm so jealous. We have one of the tiny German fridges with no freezer, not even anything for ice cubes!

  4. why do you keep your spices in the fridge? And the peanut butter, too?
    I live in the neighboring country of Austria. Lovin' the small fridges, too. :)