Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter is Here

In the words of my aunt Lisa, "Oh shoot, I forgot the camera!"

Times I wished I had it in the past few weeks:

Right before the snow, I ventured out to the Kaiserslatuern cemetery on the edge of town. A very somber, peaceful place. The cultural differences of how people honor their loved ones who've passed away is pretty interesting.

Our first snow on Thanksgiving! Unlike in Wisconsin, where the first couple snows usually melt because the ground it too warm, this stuff stuck! And it snowed for three days straight.

Christmas market in Kaiserslautern. Had some Gluwein with two of my classmates. I'm starting to see that Germans take Christmas pretty seriously in terms of celebrating the season.

Speaking of classmates....

Next week, I start my third week in a German language course. Ya know, if I could just learn all my life instead of actually applying it to the working world, I'd be alright with that. I'd doing pretty well in the class as far as writing goes. Speaking, not so much. I've met some pretty cool people. I think about 10 countries are represented in the class, and quite a few know English. It's humbling when most of the class already knows 2, 3, or 4 languages.

This passed weekend, we ventured out to the Nuremberg Christmas market. I loved the city, but the market was very crowed and the gifts they had at the stalls really didn't interest me. We did have our fair share of Gluwein and kept the commemorative cup. We also toured the museum at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, did some shopping, visited some of the sites of the old town, and met up with some wives I met online from Army Wife Chat, a message forum I'm a member of.

Check out the photos from Nuremberg.


  1. I am interested in taking a German language class. Where do you take the course and is there a website for the information on the class? Thanks!

  2. If you have time, Stuttgart has a really nice Christmas market, as does Koln. And since you didn't take pictures at K-towns market, that just means you have to go back for more Gluhwein!

  3. Hi Laurie or should I say Grüß Gott
    I read and follow your blog and knew you were from WI.
    My best friend/almost sister lives in Nuremburg :)
    Small world indeed.

    Tschüs! (Bye-Bye)

  4. Next year, make sure to go to Rothenburg o.d. Tauber - hope I spelt it right. It really is a QUAINT Weinacthsmarkt, you'll not regret.
    Good for you on the class! I so wish I could take a German class, we've been here 3 years and I'm fine with cordial hello's, menu's, and the train system but my response list sounds like a Kindergartner. Do they use GruB Gott in the K-town area? Its funny how area to area the greetings change.