Friday, November 19, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In 22

Yikes, I think I was off on my number of Friday Fill-Ins. We're at 22! Life is a bit slow at the moment, but we have tons of things planned in the next few month. Stay tuned!

1. If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs – such as food and water – were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?
A laptop and reliable internet. But if it was deserted, there's be no internet... so... one of those Kindle book readers with unlimited books and something that plays music. I need music in the background to get anything done!

2. If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?
The kind you get at German restaurants. I can't seem to find the recipe or the bottled version in the store, but it's so good!

3. If you had to live on a ranch, what kind of animals would you raise/own?
If I "had" to? More like if I "could" live on a ranch..... Already have this planned out. I'm going to try my hand at either milking goats or sheep. I like sheep cheese a little better, and the industry is really taking off. Also, I'd have a horse or too (well, if money was not an issue). A beefer or two for meat, and then some 4-H livestock projects for the kids- probably pigs, maybe market sheep. Craig likes lamb, so we'd raise a few for meat too. A milk cow for fresh raw milk..... I grew up on that stuff and miss it! And fainting goats, because they're funny.

4. If your life was was portrayed as a movie, who would you choose to play you and your significant other?
Husband would be played by Jason Bateman, and I'd probably be Tina Fey. I'm kind of a goof-ball like that.

I asked Craig this, and he said someone told him once he looked like Matt Damon... and then confessed it was his grandmother who said that, so it doesn't count, haha. For me, he said Winona Ryder... wth?!

5. What was the last thing you put a stamp on (envelope, duh, but what was in the envelope)?
My stamp of approval on the breakfast Craig made this morning, haha. But really, it was a letter to cancel my dental insurance... because I have perfect teeth, well, and I'm cheap.


  1. Tina Fey is such a great choice, love her!

  2. I bought the Kindle because I learned I could put music on it. I love it. I have only downloaded the free books so far because I am cheap too :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your choices to number four! You encompassed two of my favorite shows...Arrested Development and 30 Rock!

    Nice to see another K-Towner. It is a small world! How long have you been here?

  4. I love the German salad dressing too! SO yummy!

    I agree with my friend Kristen, it's nice to see another KTowner on here! =)

  5. I wonder if the salad dressing is Knorr Salatkroenung? We have a German Grocery Store in Texas and Knorr Salatkroening is a very popular item. http://www.germandeli.com/knorrsalads.html
    If you are living in Germany at the moment, you should be able to find it in any German store. If you have any questions contact me inga@GermanDeli.com