Thursday, November 4, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In 20

Well, I'm super early today! And yes, in Germany, it's Friday! It's 2:30 AM, just got done playing HOURS of Guitar Hero...

1. A different twist on last week's question. This week, the first question is: what’s the nicest thing a MILSPOUSE has ever done for you?
I'm still new to the MilSpouse scene, however, so far, having Danielle as a friend made living in Augusta tolerable, and it was great having someone to drink wine and watch Sex and the City with. So I guess just being my friend.

2. How often do you drive faster than the speed limit?
What speed limit? lol... ok ok, the Autobahn actually does have speed limits. I speed when I'm on the highways, but I stick to the posted limit when I'm in town.

3. Did you have a nickname in school? If so, what was it?
In college, my friends sometimes called me Volks (because of my last name), and Laur. But really, that only person who called me Laur was my good friend Laurie. Also, the name Salty comes to mind... after I told my friends that when I little, my sister and I used to lick the salt blocks at the feed mill.

4. If your life was a book, what would the title be and how would it end?
Um, I'd die in the end?....

5. Look back (in your planner if you have one) to September 14th... what did you do that day?
Even this unemployed gal keeps a planner! So a random Tuesday, eh.... well it looks like Craig had just came back from a week of training, we had just gotten our loaner furniture, and we still didn't have my car. So I'm imagining he escorted me around (in the stick shift I refuse to drive) to the library, post office, commissary, or PX, in attempts to make living without our stuff tolerable.

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