Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hochheimer Markt

We almost thought this day was going to be a complete bust. After waiting for the shuttle for a long time, we decided to head into town towards the Hochheimer Markt. We ended up finding a free parking spot two blocks from the festival!

According to Buzz of Base, Hochheimer Markt is best described as part market, part carnival, and part Oktoberfest with a hint of Christmas in the air. I'd also like to throw in county fair in the mix too with the livestock show. It has also been held annually for over 500 years! There was also a medieval market- our favorite part was the pig roast.

I loved the somewhat random booths at the festival. The most random one was the dental and medical tools booth. Pictured here is a display case full of tulip bulbs.

Not gunna lie- the reason I wanted to attend this festival was for the cattle show. I made poor Craig fast-walk past all the fun food and beer stands looking for the animal barns. But alas- the animals only arrive for the show and leave shortly after, which was the day after we were there. Darn!

And as always, you can see all the pictures I took.


  1. I love looking at your pictures. They make me more and more excited to get there!

    January cannot come fast enough.

  2. I also lol'd at "Octopussy." Having the sense of humor of a 12 year old is okay. :D

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