Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Feature and a Thank You

Wow, I'm really excited that my blog was featured on Verseo's 100 Warm Feet Sweepstakes Military Blog Video! Mine is featured at 1:27. Nothing major, but still cool!

I actually didn't know about it until they wrote a comment on the last post. I'm pretty pumped they liked my amateur design skills... enough so that I don't care they did it without prior permission. But when you put yourself out on the internet, that's bound to happen. Most of the blogs features came from Household 6 Diva's milspouse blog roll.

However, I have to admit I don't feel quite right about it. My blog has been less about military life, and more about our German adventures. Honestly, Craig's military life is pretty boring- but trust me, I like it boring! Sure I could complain about his crappy work schedule, him having to work on days he's supposed to have off.... but when I think about the sacrifices of other milspouses, I feel I have no right to complain.

I was pretty humbled looking at the other blogs in the video- people dealing with deployments, children dealing with separation and moving, and even those spouses willing to share their experiences with losing their loved one.

And here I am blogging about our amazing trips.

So I'm not sure if I should change the title and go a different direction? I don't think I will- I love the milspouse community and feel the love, so I think I'll stick around :-) So I would like to say thank you to all the military spouses bloggers for sharing your experiences. You've kept me sane and keep everything in perspective!


  1. Hi again, thanks for posting this and so sorry about the permission thing (I represent Verseo). We had the video posted private and went around emailing or trying to contact the blog owners before we posted live. Obviously, something fell through the cracks because we didn't get to you! We couldn't do that part via comment post for obvious reason but not sure what happened there... Hey, and don't feel bad about the state of deployment you're in. The video was more about military spouses and ALL aspects of their lives including yours! The sweepstakes is about comforting our soldiers in Afghanistan. For what it's worth, here's the info page for the 100 Warm Feet project and how to enter sweepstakes... http://www.verseo.com/100-warmfeet-lp.html

  2. No problem, Marisa. I read the blurb on the website about trying to contact everyone. No worries, I'm just humbled I was picked as one of them.

  3. While you may have a "boring" mil-life, you are experiencing these new adventures because of the military. You shouldn't feel like you can't or shouldn't be sharing your adventures, because you never know the next spouse who reads might find herself over there wanting to experience things with no clue where to go or where to start.