Friday, October 22, 2010

Then and Now

Today, I came across a series of photos of Germany after WWII. Above is a photo of Mainz. According to the caption, this is a view from the cathedral. Upon closer inspection, I knew exactly where this was, and many of those building have since been renovated. I am absolutely amazed by this, because much of the original architecture is still intact. See the building the immediate foreground, the one on your right?

That's this building in the photo I took- the one on your left. Pretty much my photo is the exact opposite of the 1945 photograph. I'm taking a picture looking up where the photographer was standing over 60 years ago, and he was taking a photo from the cathedral, looking down toward where I am standing.
This is the building where we had dinner. In the 1945 photograph, it's the building just to the left of the building I mentioned above. See the arched windows and doors on the main floor?

You can view the rest of the post-war photographs and article if you'd like. I'm currently reading End Game, 1945 by David Stafford, and this fits in well. I remember quite a bit about World War II in school, and there's tons of movies about the war, but I'm finding myself more and more curious about what happened after the war. I guess I have this desire to find out how we (meaning my husband and I) got to where we are today; living and working in Germany. It's fascinating to think that these events, as large scale as they are, have shaped my life today on such a basic level.

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  1. Beautiful post! We recently went to Mainz. It was our first trip there. It's a beautiful town with such a rich history. I cant believe it ever looked like the first photo! Thanks for sharing!