Friday, October 22, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in 18

It's Friday already? I guess time flies when you're unpacking boxes all week!

1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
Night owl, hands down.

2. What makes you jealous?
People with awesome attitudes and drives to succeed. I wouldn't call it jealousy, but more of an admiration.

3. Have you started Christmas/holiday shopping yet? When will you finish?
Since we just PCSed, a lot of our money has been going towards setting up the home, car repairs, etc. So no, I haven't. Both mine and Craig's birthdays are in the fall, so we get through that first, then work on the holidays. Also, I'm pretty pumped to check out all the Christmas markets that are opening up soon.

4. What would you have a personal chef make you tonight?
Seafood, because I can never seem to cook it right. Pretty sure I always overcook it.

5. Where was your first kiss?
Probably at my parent's house. Scandalous, I know.


  1. I just sent this site, http://www.christmasmarkets.com/, to another friend stationed in Germany. I would so love to be there at the holiday season.

  2. Oh, seafood is a good answer! I love it, but never make it because I always mess it up and my husband hates it.

  3. I always overcook seafood, too! But getting good seafood at a restaurant is just delicious.

  4. I always overcook seafood also, I pretty much have given up on it!

  5. Unfortunately, it is transparent. If you click on the pics, they will ususally pop up and show you a good picture, but i don't know if that is still true with the new uplaod process. I am trying to find someone who knows how to change my code so that the text box is not see through, or else I will have to find a different template:-( sepecially since i will be posting a lot more pictures with my new camera. We will see how it works out, i would HATE to get rid of my current look, because I love it so much, so hopefully i wont have to