Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been too long

After 3 weeks, I finally have a home phone and internet. Because we're deep in the valley, we get null cell phone reception at home (come to think of it, neither at Craig's work, and that's on a hill), so we have two pay as you go cheapy cell phones. I don't mind because really, I never used all the cool features my nicer phone came with. At any rate, I'm back with the blog. We've moved into our new home, so I'd like to share some pictures.

My number one criteria, which no one seems to understand, is that we needed a backyard. The landlord wasn't too thrill when I asked about putting in a garden. It's not like the grass is all that spectacular, to tell you the truth. I've done a TON of work on that retaining wall in the background- pulling out vines and crazy weeds. I have big plans for that wall come spring. Also, in the shed is my nifty electric lawnmover. Already used it and didn't electrocute myself, yay!

Our funky staircase into the attic. Craig had to sign a waiver at the military housing office saying we didn't have any kids at the age that could climb it and hurt themselves. Also, gotta say I'm digging (somewhat sarcastic there) the metal fence that reminds me of the panels you put around calf hutches.

The next few pictures showcase some of the common things you see in German homes that aren't so common in the US:

Window in the kitchen looking out towards some old barn. Best thing about the windows....

... they're zombie proof!

Oh just a regular kitchen cabinet you say?

It's a refrigerator! So the military gave us a US style fridge to use, but I think this one is so cute, and I don't need both, but I do need the freezer on the US style one.... so many things to think about! Oh I know, the conundrums of a housewife...

I'll also be sharing some more interesting tid-bits about our home in the next few posts.


  1. I am so jealous. Really! I wish we had the option for Germany! You'd think they would send Naval Intel to just about anywhere... Newp!

    My husband's cousin just got stationed there this past year too. The houses are amazing!

    Have lots of fun, I am sure you will!!!