Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

A continuation of yesterday's post:

Apparently my lovely husband forgot to mention yesterday to the transportation office that we're still on the look out for my no-fee passport. He went to the meeting today, and they won't schedule a darn thing (not even the movers) until I have my no-fee. He went to the lady's office who has it, and she wasn't in. This lady is NEVER in. Where does she go?

Why does it take us four days to have a simple appointment. This process shouldn't be so darn hard. We're losing money because I'm not sure when to put in our 30 day notice for our apartment. I should just hand it in and be like, ok, Army, get your butt in gear or else I'm homeless.

Or not. I'll just complain here about it. Aren't you so lucky!


  1. I came here from today's Mr Linky... I missed seeing your MilSpouse Friday Fill-In.

  2. oooh, I saved it instead of posted it. Opps!