Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life is Funny

Today Craig and I had this great idea that we'd visit and do things you can only do in the south and the US, because we'd only be living here for 2-3 more weeks. Plans:

-Visit an authentic hole-in-the-wall BBQ place.
-Go to Savannah, hit the museum, the beach, and maybe River St., oh and have a nice dinner celebrating our 1 year anniversary
- Go to a Greenjackets game and tailgate

Sounds great right? We were on our way to a barbecue place that is nicknamed "100-mile barbecue." So named because people travel a hundred miles to eat there. I Google Mapped it- 106 miles. You betcha! I was thinking that it was unfortunate I forgot my camera. I finally could get some photos up on this here blog.

About 50 miles in, the car died.

We were able to rent a car, and for some reason I get the feeling we were ripped off. We still don't know what the repair costs will be. Because it took us so long, we went out to dinner, and it ended up costing much more than the BBQ place ($8 all you can eat buffet- flippin' sweet!)

Well, that's going to eat our budget majority. No Savannah, and we'll see about the Greenjackets game. However, some good came out of this. We met some great people that were willing to help us, and they didn't expect anything in return. I was starting to think everyone from the south was rude and unwelcoming, but from the people that stopped to help us, to the police officer, to the tow truck driver, to the lady that showed us great places to eat in Aiken- it really instilled my faith that people are inherently good. I was starting to worry.

I believe attitude is everything, and even though today could have been pretty crappy, we made the best of it, and it was quite an adventure!


  1. GA right? Some of the nicest people I've met/encountered were from GA... specifically the Columbus & Macon area

  2. That reminds me of the people who came out of Cracker Barre when Chris and I were struggling to fit a rocking chair in my (tiny) car and offered to drop it off at our house for us. It turned out to be about 20 minutes in the wrong direction for them, and I always thought it was so sweet of them to do that :)