Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Done and Done!

I'm so excited because we finally have a plan and dates for moving! I'm not quite sure why it took making an appointment made over one week ahead of time just for 10 minutes. The meeting was basically, "Do you own anything big, here's the date we can come, sign here." Wow.... could have done that 3 weeks ago.... In fact, I called the office asking if I could make the appointment online to speed things up, and they said we would still need to come in. Pretty sure we could have done it on the website, but whatev'....

I'm not liking that Craig will be going a couple weeks ahead of me. I hate flying alone (as you might know if you've read my posts a year ago when I flew to New Zealand). And I have to move and clean the apartment by myself (which I also did by myself a year ago). Thanks buddy... but he really needs to get started over there. This three month wait has been absolutely ridiculous. Wait, have I said this already? Are you getting sick of the same thing over and over again? Yeah, me too. But I PROMISE I won't be this bitchy from here on out.... ha, I think I've said that already too!


  1. Ha! I've been a bit bitchy in reference to the Army lately, and I'm sure I'll feel that way in the future.

    I'm SO glad you've got everything straightened out. :D

  2. oh my gosh you've been to new zealand?? I am sooooo jealous! We want to go for our anniversary...we'll see if we can make that happen!

    I hate flying alone too. Well, I've only flown twice and both times were alone and with a cranky baby...not fun.