Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Far So Good

After being removed from some "no-go" list Craig was on, he had to extend his contact by another month, since we've wasted another month at Ft. Gordon. Then Craig is told by his CO that he won't extend his contract again. I asked Craig and he wasn't entirely sure, but some of it had to do with me not having my no-fee passport. Which is silly because it's probably in the office, but she hasn't called and we haven't gone in for it. Craig's CO e-mailed the passport office early last week and still haven't heard from her.

Without the extension, Craig can't be stationed overseas. So that would mean we'd be going to the Washington DC area. That was definitely not on my plans! Plus I'd feel like a total ass for all the time and money spent researching, as well as having to explain to everyone and their dog why we're not going. I'm leaning a valuable lesson about Army life- don't tell friends and family potential plans until you're actually physically doing it. My poor family has gotten excited over Colorado and Hawaii, which were both where we were scheduled to end up at one point or another.

But his CO signed the paperwork, and now the request for orders has been sent. It takes about a week to actually get the orders, but I'm not holding my breath. I keep having these worries that something will get messed up, and his gaining unit will get sick of waiting.

Other than that, this weekend is out 1st year anniversary. We're going to celebrate with fireworks!

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