Friday, May 14, 2010

Southern Lovin'

Can I just say that I love collard greens and grits? How come I wasn't eating these things the entire time I've been here?

I'm also very excited that the weather has been pretty much like mid July in Wisconsin around here, which is good because we'll be moving just in time for the extreme heat. With my travels in the past year, I've had quite the weather patterns. Let me elaborate, using the Wisconsin temperature gauge as a season meter (ya following?)

May 09-July 09- Late spring
July09-Oct 09- Winter (That pesky southern hemisphere really throws ya for a loop)
Oct 09-Nov 09- Summer (move to GA)
Nov 09- April 10- Longest fall ever
April 10-May 10- Summer. Just in time to realize that I left a load of summer laundry back at my parent's house. Pretty sure my sisters have claimed my tank tops. Actually, I know this for a fact, with facebook pictures to prove it.
May 10--- More summer! I knew it'd come full circle.

I feel pretty lame this post is 80% about weather. Sorry for the idle chit chat, but I'm starting to think the only time I want to blog is when I have something to complain about, so just trying to keep it positive.

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