Monday, March 29, 2010

Worry Wart

I'm sitting here at 2:15 am thinking about things I can't control. Craig tells me a few days ago that his leave/vacation might start earlier, which means that he has to report on May 27th for duty and leave for Germany. Hummm.. only one slight problem, there's this wedding thing May 29th, and he's the groom... how "hilarious" it would be for him to fly back to report, and then fly back on Saturday to do this ceremony thing, and then fly to wherever...

I also shouldn't be worring about the movers and household goods, but I am, ya wanna know why? Wedding presents. My world would be nicer if people didn't buy us gifts, but you know they will. If you don't make a wedding registry, some well meaning relatives will get you something anyway. And I know even though we have a registry some "creative" relatives will still get us presents on their own...

Yikes, I just realized this post and my last post are very b*itchy... I'm a pretty positive person, honestly! Anyway, where was I.... (haha)

Somehow I have to coordinate the wedding and the moving and the time I leave and the whole car shipping thing at the right times. I really don't want to be stuck in Augusta by myself for a long period of time waiting on the movers. If it weren't for those pesky presents, I wouldn't mind for movers to come around the time we leave for Wisconsin (May 11th-ish) and be done with it (as well as be done with Augusta!). Or I could leave it all in my parent's attic for 3 years... hummm...

I'm also worrying about traveling by myself (this coming from the girl who traveled to New Zeland and lived there by herself for 3 months....). I hate flying, simply hate it. I was looking forward to actually having someone there to calm my nerves, but it looks like Craig and I won't be able to travel together. A panic attack in an airport bathroom 10 minutes before you board is never good, trust me.

Writing this all out is pretty therapeutic. Thanks for listening.

Oh my gosh, a lightbulb just went on in my head. Maybe I could get the wedding presents to Germany with the unaccompanied baggage! And I could leave some the appliances back home, as it sounds like they won't work well over there anyway. I'll have to look into this... Now all I have to figure out is how to get my groom to his wedding!


  1. Why dont you schedule your unaccompanied baggage for after the wedding. You can take almost anything but furniture.

  2. This is so funny. My logic was "she registered knowing she was moving to Germany, and she likes to cook, she must really, really want these things." Haha. Hope you enjoy the dutch oven anyway. :) The web site update looks really good! Janet