Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Back

Life is getting interesting again. Time to blog. Or maybe it's getting boring and I need something to do... anyway....

With the move to Germany coming up, I figured I should find a place to share my adventure with my family and friends. Also, now that all our friends have moved away, the only person I have to talk to is Craig. Poor guy, he has to listen to me, haha.

I'm going to update this thing, make it relevant, a little face lift if you will.


  1. Hey, I left a comment on one of your previous blogs. I am at Gordon too! What a small world!

  2. I found you through undomesticated army wife and am going to follow you.. my husband and I move to germany in about 13 days.. so I just want to have people I can meet in person when y'all come out.. I too left this on an older blog