Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to go overseas Army style

1. Go to meeting. Get talked to like you are 3 years old and get sheet with directions that looks to be copied 100 times written circa 1990 with so many grammatical errors that you question it's validity.

2. Make appointment to go to the clinic. This will not be for a physical, but rather to make sure they can take care of you overseas. If you are in the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program), then this is important, if not, then this is a complete waste of time.

3. Get two phone calls reminding you of appointment, and then one the day before. Have lady talk to you like a 3 year old.

4. Go to appointment. Then have lady scold you for not getting copies made of EFMP document before you leave, because the doctor forgot to mention it to you. She will then say, "it says it in the directions," and when you say, "it says to make copies and give to Ms. A." She will then say she's Ms. A and then rudely say, "Well who did you think I was?" I dunno lady, you sit at a desk at a clinic...

5. Read in directions that you have one month to complete this and to either tell OPs (Operations) to contact Ms. B or call Ms. B directly to get passports. So you call Ms. B, only to find out her voicemail box is full. Finally get a hold of Ms. B, who tells you that the directions do not say to call her, but to go through OPs.

6. OPs will make appointment, being almost 2 months into the process.

7. Go to appointment, wait 1 hour 20 min after your appointment to see Ms. B. Then find out that OPs forgot to tell Ms. B that this was an appointment for passports. Or that your husband forgot to tell OPs that this was an appointment for passports.

8. Get scolded from Ms. B when you ask to verify information, telling you that: "I know how to do my job."

8. Make passport appointment with Ms. B for 2 weeks after first meeting, now being well into 2 months into the process.

9. Get Power of Attorney because your husband can't make it to the passport meeting.

10. Get a phone call after coming home from PT that you need to go to a meeting about orders. Waste an hour and gas driving to post, only to find out the reason they wanted you to come back was to ask if you are married. Go home for a few hours and then return for a formation, in which the same people that asked you this earlier are there.

So this is where we are currently at in the process. Yes, I'm cynical about this whole thing. Of course I'm only emphasizing the negative, but I find this entire thing pretty comical. I understand these people deal with young soldiers and their families who do not have a lot of experience with these things, and I'm sure there's quite a few idiots out there. And maybe I'm not used to the snarkiness because I'm from the friendly Midwest. But I get the feeling they don't really enjoy their jobs, which is too bad.

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  1. my husband did everything but the passport and the emfp... I dont even know whats going on half the time.. but they are a bit ridiculous thats for sure