Thursday, August 20, 2009


Two mornings ago, after we finished up the morning milking, David mentions in passing, "Job called last night, they want you on another farm."
"When?" I asked
"Straight away. Tomorrow I suppose."

Wow, thanks for the warning. I left Job at Marvin Farms a
message wondering the details, and he called back saying that he thought I knew what was going on, and was surprised that Dave never said anything to me. Apparently, Dave called Job a week ago, and wanted a replacement. He wanted someone with a little more strength for pulling calves, drenching cows, pushing up cows, etc, as well as someone to handle the tractor driving. I was a little surprised that he never said anything to me, or tried to find another way to use me on the farm. Another thing that bothered me was I was supposed to be replacing Nicky to take over for her while on maternity leave, yet I was never taught or told to do her tasks on the farm, like feeding calves.

I think Dave knew I knew the entire story because he wouldn't even look me in the eyes after I told him I was leaving the next day! It was a little uncomfortable. I was not upset that i
t didn't work out, but disappointed in him that he couldn't man up and let me know what was going on. It was alright since I wasn't happy being the only employee and not really talking to anyone for long periods of time.

I packed up my stuff and headed to Matamata to meet with Job. When I got there, he explained that this happened before. The last female on the farm was a tall blonde from Finland, and Dave called Job at that time too after a few weeks saying that it wasn't working out. Job said it had more to do with me being female more than anything. I had to shrug and laugh because it's not like anything was going on! But I think it was for the best.

The farm I was scheduled to be on is near Te Kuiti, which is directly south of Hamilto
n. Their seasonal help recently got into an accident and needed someone to fill his place for a few weeks. I asked Job if being a female was going to be a problem, but he said they preferred one because they're a little better with the cows. I know that's a fact with calves, studies show women are far better at taking care of calves than men.

Anyway, I got to take a scenic trip to the central part of the north island. So I was coming around a bend, and on the other side, I couldn't help but exclaim, "Holy shit,
a volcano!" Unfortunately, I was descending a rather steep hill on a rather curvy road behind a slow semi, so there wasn't much time to stare and get any pictures. But wow, that was quite a surprise to see. It had the crater in the middle, so I'm pretty darn sure that's what it was.

I did have a chance to snap a picture while driving. I basically held up the camera and didn't look through it (so don't worry, mom!). This is probably the flattest land I've seen so far. This photo isn't of the volcano I saw, and I'm not sure what huge mountain that is in the background. Also, check out the car behind me. I was going exactly 100 km/hr which was the speed limit because I don't want any trouble while I'm here!

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