Monday, August 17, 2009

My new ride

After spending three weeks on the farm and not going anywhere, I was going nuts. Turns out, I have every other weekend off, so my first weekend off was spend lounging around my house, cleaning, and doing laundry. I went for a walk and took some pictures as well. I thought I could walk down to the local fish and chips shop for lunch, but it turns out it was 6 km away! Not a causal walk by any means.

To battle my loneliness and craziness, I bought a car. For NZ$1500, the '93 Ford Falcon is mine. It has a big engine, which my boss keeps poking fun at me about, but beggers can't be choosers.

"I see your car has a ball hitch. Might come in handy when you have to pull the fuel tanker behind it." Haha, thanks Dave.

In New Zealand, every car has to have a Warrant of Fitness in order to be registered. Every six months, your car has to go to a shop and inspected. If there's anything wrong, it needs to be fixed in order to be granted your WoF. So when buying a car, a newer WoF typically means it's in good working condition. I picked a car that has a brand new registration and wof. It turns out in order to transfer a vehicle, all the buyer has to do is go to a post office, fill out a form, and pay $9.20. If you have a car's VIN number, you can go and say you own any car really! Crazy! Also, the post offices are also book and stationary stores, so it felt a little weird to be transfering vehicle ownership in a bookstore. In fact, the post office counter was busy, so the bookstore clerk took care of me. It almost seemed a little too easy.

Now that I've spent all my money on a car, I can
't go anywhere until my next paycheck because I can't afford gas, haha.
Here's my car! Never mind that dent in the hood (they call it the bonnet). All I've done is drove from the previous owner's house to the farm, and it seems to run pretty well.

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