Thursday, August 20, 2009

House with a view

Here's the view from my kitchen window. Are you jealous yet? Also pictured is the view from the living room. In this part of the country, there's limestone rocks that stick out of the ground, and something they call tomos, which are sudden holes in the ground where rain water flows to. Apparently the person I'm replacing accidentally drove into one of these tomos and hurt himself. I went from crazy steep hills to crazy big holes.

So I arrived at the farm owner's house, which is just down the road from the farm. The farm owner, Deryk, got me settle in and told me to wait for his wife, Marian. Their house was so cute! An old farm house that was redone, and had a country cottage feel to it with old family photographs on the wall and antiques places through the house. I quickly learned they were very proud of their Dutch heritage.

When Marian arrived, I was informed I would be living in her son's house, just down the road. I gave her a strange look, which she quickly understood, and assured me that he doesn't actually live there. He spends all day at the farm and eats meals with his parents, so we would never actually be living together. It does sound like a weird arrangement, but it is nice to have my own space to hang out in without feeling like a guest.

The house is pretty new. It doesn't have a lot of furniture, and it certainly doesn't look lived in. Too clean to be a bachelor pad! It didn't take long fro me to spread all my crap everywhere.

The farm has 500 cows and milk in a 40 stall rotary parlor. Unlike the house, the farm wasn't much to look at. I was told that their son, Harvey, recently took over sharemilking, and was his first year. Also, these cows were bought this year, so they were not used to the farm and some were not used to a rotary parlor. Also, all cows are fed minerals through drenching, which none of these cows had done before. So they were having quite a time adjusting. Along with the fact that their hired help got hurt, the family had quite a lot on their plate!

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