Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing Farmer

It's been almost two days since dad went into surgery. Nothing major, but he'll be laid up for awhile. He's supposed to be on bed rest, but I caught him in the barn, trying to put straw in the gutter behind a cow. Don't ask me why he thought this was necessary. We did allow him to tinker with the weed whacker though, because I'm pretty sure that man is going nuts just sitting around in the house. He joked, "So this is how the other half lives..."

So mom and us kids have been doing chores. So far so good, other than me not setting the wash cycle in between a milking. Oh, and me overfeeding hay... but that's an ok mistake; I think anyway. It's been weird with the barn being so quiet at night and during the day lately!

I've been able to talk to Craig every night. We tried using the webcam, but we keep getting disconnected. Plus, I think it's weird that we just sit and stare at each other. I just make funny faces and laugh. We really don't have much to talk about these days. Same old from both parties, so we discuss mundane details about our days. He says he enjoys it, then makes fun of it. He's not in classes yet, so they make him do things like trim weeds and pick up trash. Reminds me of those inmates that go around at the county fair and pick up trash. I wonder if they give him a sack and a stick with a nail at the end of it..haha.

All I got for now. Busy day tomorrow!

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